A little bit about my Press

Piglet Press was created in 1983 to let me publish the occasional childrens book. Not too much came of that but I have done quite a few letterpress printing projects and some books too.  My day job looking after the books at the Wits Education library keeps me fairly busy so I have less time for letterpress and publishing.

I have a Vandercook Universal III cylinder press with automatic inking.  It allows me to print on a comfortably large sheet of paper and still maintain close registere on multi colour work.  The inking system makes it possible to do a decent job on a half tone block or a lino cut even when mixed with hand set or hot metal type.  It is a hand cranked press so has limited output but it suits my style and needs very well. To do a proof it is easy to hand ink the job on the flat bed otherwise there are quite a few rollers that need to be cleaned after a run.

I also keep a Adana 8×5 table top clamshell platen press for smaller jobs and quick proofs of blocks in progress.  The inking is a little more taxing to get right and the impression pressure is limited as is the page size but it makes fast work of hand set business cards, greeting cards and can be used on even small cut sheets.  Wash up of the ink rollers is a lot quicker too.

I have sundry other guiliotines, binding presses, sewing frames and ploughs to do help with binding work for my ocasional book editions.

A photo of my trusty Vandercook Universal III with the Vandercook Centenary Print Bundle Exhibition Keepsake locked up on the bed.

Vandercook at Piglet Press

Vandercook at Piglet Press

Note the dainty tip up feed board tucked in the side of the photo, this allows me to get in and out of my press room as it blocks my entrance.