I have sometimes generated documents that need portability and require occasional revisions and updates, these I have done in the digital domain and some of them are collected here for downoad.

One day when I figure out how to convert them to decent e-Books I may charge something for the privilidge so get it for free now while you can.

Guidlines for laying out Bibliography

This is a work of synthesis to assist under graduate students with conforming to the university and accademic press requirements for citing and referring of works in their assignments, reports and thesis.  It is so much easier for everyone to check references when they are correctly identified, this guide has become very popular and is recomended by many departments at Wits University and outside lecturers.

Memoirs of a Boere Vrou

A collection of notes and thoughts written on her return by an aging Aouth African Farmers Wife who lived at the time of the Boer War (around 1900).  She emigrated to Argentina and later returned to South Africa.