I also do commisioned work.

I work on a Time and Materials basis.  Sometimes I have to have plates made or have artwork drawn up to your requirements, then there is all the paper and ink and stuff.  Finally my time to put it all together with my cutting of lino blocks if you should need that.  Exact quotes in advance are very hard as I have to inflate the price to cover me for all sorts of contingencies that usually don’t happen.  If the job is a lot of fun or otherwise rewarding, being a soft touch, I discount a little for polite customers.

All commisioned work is a once off deal and I have to check my calendar that I have enough time to dit it into my other activities.  My Letterpress printing is very much a part time activity and I will not rush it as I have no desire to compromise of my standards or have the creative joy lost from the process but working to unreasonable deadlines.  When I quote I will indicate the expected time frames but other events may conspire to get in the way sometimes so do not expect copy shop turn around speed.

Commemorative book marks

Recently I made a set of bookmarks for the Education Department at Wits University for departing staff to thank them for their service.

I have done the occasional invitation and business cards but will not be adding them here.